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Everest Base Camp Trekking 16 days

Everest Base Camp TrekkingMt. Everest is the Earth's highest mountain, with a peak at 8,848 metres (29,029 ...

Langtang Valley Trekking 8 days

Langtang Valley TrekkingLangtang is a region in Nepal to the north of Kathmandu and bordering Tibet. The ...

Annapurna Culture and Base Camp Trekking 16 days

Annapurna Culture and Base Camp Trekkingwelcome to treks in the most famous area in Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is a mo ...

Manaslu Round Trekking 23 days

Manaslu Round TrekkingIt is the fifth highest mountain in the world at 8,481 metres (27,825 ft) and is ...

Tibet Tour 12 days

Tibet TourIf you want to savor the rich Tibetan culture and history but don't have much ti ...

Gosaikunda Helambu Trekking 14 days

Gosaikunda Helambu TrekkingThis is a superb introduction to Langtang trekking in Nepal among some of the mo ...

Cultural Tour 4 days

Cultural TourThis is a short trip that lets you explore ancient temples and religious shrines ...

Kathmandu Valley with Nagarkot 6 days

Kathmandu Valley with Nagarkotwelcmoe to land of Himalayan country of Nepal This is a short trip that lets you ...

Kathmandu Chitwan and Nagarkot 8 days

Kathmandu Chitwan and NagarkotA tour that takes you for a cultural, historical and wildlife exploration of Kat ...
Featured tripsResponsible Tourism

Responsible Travel:

We are equally aware of environmental issue in all our trips. We firmly believe that protecting environment and preserving  native culture are the fundamental aspects to be considered in all treks and tours. Since its  establishment, has dedicated for minimizing our presence in nature and native culture as far as possible while trekking and tour.


We firmly believe that protecting environment and preserving native culture are the fundamental aspects to be considered in all treks/ tour.

To supply quality service for all our valued clients.

Make the holiday joy-full.

Design the itineraries for visiting exotic areas, and emphasis tour where the local people directly and indirectly get benefits from the visitors.

Use well trained and experienced staffs at trek/tour.

Our main aim is to provide the satisfactions for visitors.

Economic Responsibility:-

    More emphasis for the local guide in our group visiting local communities.

    To give priority for the purchasing local products.

    Encourage the local community to supply person to join in skill and tourism management training.

    Provide awareness' to cook hygienic cuisines. 

    we organize tea houses/ caming  trek. 

Environmental  Responsibility

    Use Kerosene/ Gas rather than fire wood.    Avoid using non re- cycling things and advice to bring back those things and handover to the concern section.  Advice to help in keeping clean and greenery environment, Minimize use water and save it. For examples: Do not trash things everywhere, Trash in proper place like rubbish box, Establish fire pit in camping trek/tour, burned in fire-pit which can burn like papers etc, or keep in underground wastage things, or if possible provide food wastage to domestic animals. Pay little extra amount to Porter to bring back non disposable things by duffel. Avoid bathing or washing clothes in streams, etc.

Social Responsibility

Prior to visiting destination, inform about social and political situation of the destination to visitors.

Do not act negative things which impacted in the communities, learn to respect each their norms and values. Leave the excellent stamps in the communities. For examples: Aware of local regulations, do not bath necked, Do not kiss openly while visiting at the sensitive areas, Take advice before enter into Monasteries/ Temples. Be polite, respect to  religions/ culture, etc.

Encourage local community to run fruitful project, which host persons can get benefits direct or indirect from the visitors.  For examples:  Run Tea shop, Make handicrafts by local resources, Grow vegetables/ fruits as per season, supply honest  person to support in trek/tour for visitors. Join with Tourism management training, etc.

We did financial support to local school. Also participated their annual program.  During our tour, we gave some financial donation to local school for the improvement of school. Our visitors also donated the amount and educational materials to school and students after seen the condition of school and position of students.

Our tour involves in visiting local projects. For examples  local carpet project which made by hand of local community, Bee keeping project, Cheese project etc. Community forest project etc.